Want To Be A Professional In The Office? Bad Habits Leave It

By | December 18, 2015

When you’re working in the office, in the company or in any course, professionalism should presumably your case. Although sometimes just something that is small and does not seem important, but you need to know also how to maintain a professional work.

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Do not until you look unprofessional even though you are working with dedication and integrity. Because you have to know a few little things that if you do will affect how people against you.

You must remember that the world of work is not the arena game that you can do something you arbitrarily. Well, for that you need to be careful with some of the bad habits that will make you look unprofessional. Habit does it, and if you are a frequent habit of it? See explanation below.

1. Habit Come Too Late

Do not until you get used to it. The habit of late for various reasons will be very difficult to remove. Late habits will make you very bad in the eyes of fellow employees or in the eyes of the boss.

Respect time and of course also respect other colleagues. Do not be as good as his own, there are times when there is a need that can not be avoided, but certainly not every day right. Therefore, try as much as possible lest you arrive late at work so that the values ​​of professionalism to yourself can be maintained.

2. Dressed Not Appropriate

Clothing or clothing greatly affect a person’s outlook on the attitude of your professional. Simply put, if you choose clothes that fit just can not how can you do the work in accordance with the directives of superiors. Although sometimes people who blindly dress also can not necessarily be said to be unprofessional.

But you need to know that in a business or office is certainly no rule written or not the dress that has been determined. Then, you also need to comply with these regulations in a dress.

3. Lack of focus and concentration While Working

You have to be careful here, with advances in technology such as this, then focus and our concentration very easily distracted. With the wide range of social media, it is very easy to distract us.

If the work you are more often open social media, search engines such as Google and others, it means that you are less focused at work. And it is very bad if it keeps you leave it alone, just as you are not professional in their work. For that from now on try to introspection in the work.

4. Can not Distinguish Relationships Friendship And Professionals

Although on one side of your teammates is a friend, but you should understand also that in your work environment must be professional. You have to know the positions of the friends of the co-workers.

Although you already know close to them, try to keep your attitude, especially if you already know a friend who is a boss. However in the work environment you have to respect it, and you do not ever apply disrespectful in front of him.

5. Too Much Talk, Do not Want to Hear

This is a very bad habit and will make you look totally unprofessional. Let’s say you already know about something, but in a job you still need a lot to learn and a lot of information. And, one way to learn and to be able to get a lot of information is to listen and listen.

You must remember the saying “an empty keg tinny sound”, do not let the proverbial inherent in you because so many of your talk.

Well my friends, if you already know some of the bad habits that make you look unprofessional, it is time you should introspection  themselves. Is the above habits often you do or not. If often, then you should start now to fix to reduce it bit by bit.