Trust The Shredding Of Your Classified Documents To The Experts

By | February 26, 2015

As a business owner in Markham, you’ve read alarming statistics about how much money is lost each year in Canada when records are not itemized and destroyed entirely. You’ve heard about the horror stories regarding thieves stealing confidential financial information and embezzling millions of dollars away from successful businesses. You may have even heard of similar issues from other Markham business owners. If you’re a shrewd business owner, you’ll want to take steps towards preventing this from ever happening to you and your business. You can easily avoid potential theft by ensuring that your sensitive records are disposed of properly.

Trust The Shredding Of Your Classified Documents To The Experts

Believe it or not, there are laws regarding document destruction, and they apply to any business in Canada—big or small. The Personal Information Protection and Election Documents Acts (PIPEDA) is a piece of legislation that ensures that any confidential document is securely disposed of and recycled. As a business owner you must do all that you can do to follow these laws, guaranteeing that your company’s and your employee’s private information is stored and destroyed properly.

It may not be enough to shred your own documents, as leaving this task to an employee—no matter how trustworthy they may seem—opens your company to risk. They could be the weak link that releases important information. Finding a professional destruction company who is a part of the National Association for Information Destruction is the first step towards successfully protecting your company’s information. A company that boasts a membership from the NAID will be a part of an international association that ensures its members stay informed on current disposal practices. They understand the full consequences of improper document disposal, so their mission is to prevent your company from ever feeling its effects.

Leaving the destruction of your confidential information to the hands of a professional destruction company will mean that all of your records—paystubs, memos, financial printouts, employees records, and more—find their complete and utter end. If you keep physical copies of records, all of your paper documents will be handled by a trustworthy staff of employees who have been bonded and vetted. They will guarantee your information is destroyed and recycled properly, presenting to you certification of their process. Likewise, if you only keep digital copies of records, the same staff will destroy hard drives, compact discs, and audio and visual tapes, presenting to you their guarantee that no information will ever be recovered.

The best paper shredding companies in Markham will meet the standards of the day, but more importantly, they will protect you from costly fraud and identity theft. Don’t become a statistic or cautionary tale for the next business owner; protect what’s yours by hiring a reliable document destruction company to take care of your classified information.