Trick Innovation of World Class Entrepreneurs

By | April 1, 2014

business idea profitMany consider innovation is the key to success in the world of entrepreneurship. Is this correct? Or are there other factors that support the success of entrepreneurs in innovation when undergoing the wheel of his business? To find out, see some of the success stories of entrepreneurs to innovate, as reported by the BBC, the following.

Sarah Karam

For Sarah Karam, holds the key to innovation is most vital in shaping the success of an entrepreneur. However, Lebanese women entrepreneurs engaged in business daily-deal website in the Middle East also assume that the entrepreneur must have the ability to capture the needs of consumers in innovation before it was done by someone else.

Karam also added the classic problems that often arise in the business world is that many prospective entrepreneurs with a myriad of creative and innovative ideas but do not have the courage to plunge entrepreneurship. Therefore, Karam suggest if someone has a brilliant idea to meet consumer needs and deserves to be developed in the business world as an innovative business, quickly realize. This has helped create successful Karam manage GoNabit, a daily-deal site in the first Middle East area.

Sam Pitroda

Almost the same as Karam, Sam Pitroda also apply the same thing in running his business. India’s pioneer telecommunications business confirms the ability to read the needs of the market is very important. Throughout her dedication to the business, he was constantly glancing down to the middle segment that is considered really need innovation in solving problems and meeting their needs. For him, it looks simple innovation will provide a tremendous impact for the people who live from hand to mouth or even be below the poverty line.

Cezar Salazar

Cesar Salazar, building his first company when he was still studying in Sweden. For him, limited natural resources and vast market encourages innovation. He gave the example of Sweden. In his judgment, Sweden including the country that gave high appreciation of innovative creative ideas nan.

Thanks to it, the natural resource-poor countries and a population of about 9 million people is featured as a successful country that spawned the famous brands in the world. Limited natural resources is not merely a barrier to the progress of a nation. This can be circumvented by selling valuable innovative ideas are relatively much more expensive.

Learning from Sweden, Salazar then innovate establish Mexican VC, venture financing and mentoring for the first special internet start-ups in the area entrepreneur bloody Mexican Silicon Valley, California, USA. As a token of appreciation to the dreams and creative start-ups, mostly Mexico have limited funds, Salazar providing financial and mentoring services.

John Maeda

For John Maeda, innovation can not be separated from the experimentation and failure. Computer graphic designer and an expert who founded Rhode Island School of Design is considered an entrepreneur must be prepared to fail, because failure he has proved his experiments. Failure can also motivate entrepreneurs to keep and continue to experiment until the experiment eventually managed to produce a quality product.

Creative thinking is also the basis for innovation. This can be nurtured from an early age to develop the imagination. Maeda gave an example, he most likes to see the results of drawings made by children such as 18-legged horse pictures colored in purple. That picture is a testament to the imagination of children who are still pure and can be used as assets to be developed for success in the future.