Tips to Make Your Online Store Invisible Life

By | September 3, 2015

The online stores are deserted buyer could be caused by its owners who lack the will to renew his shop. So that visitors or potential buyers already put a bad first impression when visiting the website online store.


Actually, online store owners can perform some way so that the site looks ‘fresh’ and indicates that the online store is really there and ‘alive’.

1. Promo

Online store owners can use promotion as a tool for updating the site. Promo do not need every time. However, the seller can take advantage of great moments like Birthday (HUT) Indonesia or turn of the year.

In addition, the promotion should be announced to the customer in various ways. Ranging from social media, post a banner on the homepage of the online store site, to send personalized emails to customers.

2. Innovation

Innovating means having a new idea that is embodied in a product. Visitors will understand that the seller does have the intention to ‘delight’ customers to bring these innovations.

Innovation can be defined as new products. Sellers should have the ability to experiment alias dare to try something new. Including issuing new products are still associated with the ‘red thread’ of its online store.

3. New look

Appearance or a new design can also refresh an online store. As an owner of an online store, the seller needs to have the ability to be able to position itself as a visitor. That is, he needs to look at his online business from the eyes of visitors. That way, the seller can at least sense whether design or display his online site attractive and easy to use or not.

4. Components of a dynamic site

Components found on the homepage of the site online store site can be set so that the zoom can be adjusted to the user’s desire. Preferably, there are one or more components that are dynamic on the homepage. So that the eyes of the visitors do not get bored because just looking at static components.

One of the components that may be made dynamic website is a banner that contains a variety of information. For example, without having clicked, a banner can change its content every two to three seconds. The banner content may consist of promo announcements, contact information, username social media from online stores, through payment guidelines. Then, when one of the content is clicked, the visitor will be taken to a page that contains a more complete description of the content.

5. The presence of the seller

Sellers can also give the impression of living on his online site with chat feature included with the seller or the person responsible with customer service. Chat feature can be equipped with a notification whether it is online or not