Tips to Make Attractive and Successful Product Launching

By | June 19, 2015

It is inevitable when launching event or the release of a new product into a very thrilling moment for business people. Hoping to get great enthusiasm of the people, of course, launching the product will be made as attractive as possible in order to outperform similar products from competitors team.

Although often the right moment to put expectations on the success of the product, apparently now launching the product often gets a great challenge from various aspects such as budget constraints, time constraints, the idea is not interpreted properly or various other constraints.

launch product

To overcome these obstacles, it would be nice if we learn to do several important tips that launching the product becomes more attractive and successful.

1. Find Out About Interests Customers

We certainly need to find out about the customer interest before we decided to launch a product. Customer interest typically vary depending on the needs, the level of economic, cultural background, area of ​​residence and living habits.

By conducting basic research on customer interests, then we can set a number of important steps next before launching the product.

2. Should Determine Target Markets

Where the businessman is not happy when the product can reach the entire community. But we must realize that there is a special segmentation should we prioritize as a target market for our products.

For example, advanced smartphone products usually target the market segment of the younger generation, businessmen or employees. While the smartphone at an affordable price and features are more limited economic circles of society usually targeting the lower middle. Make sure that the target market that we set will provide a great opportunity for the development of our products in the future.

3. Add Value to Products

What can be proud when we launched the product that poorer tantamount to other similar products?

From here we learn to give added value to our products. The moment of launching the product is the right time to introduce a number of advantages of our products compared to other products. Ways to provide added value to a very large assortment of products, for example by creating a package bundling with complementary products or giving discounts to customers who directly purchase products while launching event took place.

4. Oriented Customer Needs

Customers do not want to constantly listen to that boring information about the advantages of our products. Because the thing that they want is a product that can meet their needs and desires. So, stopping to explain a number of advantages of our products and begin to focus on customer needs. Try 2 the following sentence,

“Smartphone X is equipped with 4Gb of RAM capacity and reliable quality”

“The capacity of 4Gb RAM on smartphone X make browsing activities and playing games so more smoothly”

Of course, the second sentence was more interesting is not it?

5. Allocating Excess Funds

If we have more funds to hold a product launch event, there is no harm if we consult with a team of marketing consultants to create an effective product launch strategy.

In addition, the excess funds could also be used to hire the services of SPG and SPB (Sales Promotion Sales Promotion Girl and Boy) or preparing special gifts for loyal customers who attend the product launch.

6. Do not Forget Promotion Through Media

A number of mass media such as print media, electronic media and social media into one powerful weapon to introduce new products. Moreover, the current euphoria use of social media can be one of the best means to do promotion.

Do not forget to prepare a form of promotion of interest through the use of various media. So people who saw the campaign be interested to participate in the product launch event.

Although many obstacles to the successful launch of a product, but we also have to remember that careful planning and creative will be the key to success for the launch of the product. Do not delay to bring original ideas to make the process of launching the product became more impressive.