Tips on Increasing Number of Consumers Zero Cost Marketing

By | February 19, 2015

Small-BusinessOne of the challenges of running an online business is to increase the rate of visitors to the online store owned. The pace is needed to improve the ranking of online store, so it can appear on the first page of the Google search engine.

The emergence of online stores on the first page it will affect sales. Because by being on the front page of Google, meaning the online store will be easily found by potential customers.

The following mandatory trick, if you want to increase the rate of visitors to your online store, and all can be obtained free of charge!

Social bookmarking site. Social bookmarking is a designation for sites that provide facilities so that visitors can save a link from another site or sites of his own so that it can be viewed by other visitors. To be able to attract visitors from social bookmarking sites, you can give your online store link. Give interesting titles that attract the attention of visitors. Social bookmarking sites are quite popular in Indonesia is,, or

Blog walking. Put simply be defined as the “streets” to visit other people’s blogs. You can start visiting the blogs of others who still have a common theme with your online store. Leave a comment, and then paste the link to your online store. Remember, do not overwhelm the blog with your link, because it will be considered as spam.

Social media. Right now it’s hard to separate the online activities with social media. Since its presence, social media has become a new phenomenon in the interaction among Internet users. Indonesia even touted as the country with the highest social media users in the world (for Facebook and Twitter). You are running an online business would be able to take advantage of social media to attract visitors rate your online store.

Try these tricks you run increase traffic and start your online store.