Tips for Small To You Not Your work Procrastinating Again

By | January 1, 2014

work stressDelaying the work is suicide plans. By delaying, piled in the back of your job and you may not be able to fully enjoy the time off so you use to perform tasks.

So how do I make you stop procrastinating? Do not be thinking involved, got simple ways that you can apply to your productivity doubled!

1. Determine the type of towing you like to do?

There are various types of towing jobs. It depends on what you will do when you procrastinate. Did you get away from your job and even doing other tasks that are not so important? Are you running away from your work to sleep or eat snacks? Do you even mess with surfing on Facebook and Twitter? Do you often think “I can be delayed for 30 minutes it tomorrow.

To determine the “type” thy, you can double the norm delay alert when this relapse. To be alert, you will be able to fight it so much. Could void procrastinate, okay!

2. Reward yourself when you successfully complete the task

In our hearts, we are still a small child. We are delighted to be given gifts and praise, not least by ourselves. If you have made a promise to yourself to buy ice cream after writing one page essay, you would be more excited. You can also reward yourself with a little more “wow”: new books, new running shoes, take a cooking class. Just make sure that the “gift” is thy worth the effort you spend.

3. Do not put the target is too high

There is a proverb that says: “Put your ambitions to the Moon. When you fall, you’ll still land among the stars. “Because, if the target is too high, we are not so afraid of myself. You can have great ambitions, it does not even make the original fear. If you are a worrier, so it targets the medium that will be whipped up fervor.

4. Do not latent sense stress- Energize it wisely

In work or work, you will definitely find the pressure. Locks of foreclose and completes the task is not to avoid or suppress depression in heart, but with a good channel.

Do you channel it can vary. Sing-along to himself as a mini break in the middle of the work; read a favorite poem or comic books; grazing; calling parents – are important, make sure that these methods are healthy and good for you in the long run!