Tips and Tricks Strengthens Management Startup

By | August 13, 2016

The question that often arises in starting digital startups (startup) is the division of roles. Who will be the chief executive officer (CEO), chief marketing officer (CMO), chief technical officer (CTO) and chief finance officer (CFO)?

Startup Business

The uncertainty that often makes startup in Indonesia in particular and the world in general, even finally gatot alias failed miserably.

CEO of Catalyst Bold, consultants, human resources (HR) specialists startup in New York said many were trapped determines the A match in position B, or the B match at position C, and so on.

Yet the truth is defined and an inventory of what the company needs first. Only then are matched with individuals, see the suitability of skill and knowledge.

By mapping the needs of the company first, duties and functions of a person in a startup will be sharp. In fact there was a possibility, one would assume two positions because most adequate skill and knowledge.

Next tip is the startup never looking for employees who simply smart. More important of all is to find the most willing to work hard with a desire to learn the most high. Often happens, smart employees instead merely bothersome because work is not total and tends to underestimate.

HR feel superior there typically have no personal goals are aligned with corporate goals, so that they work in small ways or the term simply to fulfill the task to be immediately payday at the end of the month.

Another issue that many startup forgotten is how to resolve the conflict. A small example in making decisions. Under certain conditions, from the beginning of the written agreed there should be a vote. A majority vote is taken, so that the conflict was muted from the start. CEO is not always dominant, not always enforce the decision.

Business Psychology Doctoral Candidate of the the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington DC provides tips last trick, the startup will contain many HR groups millennial generation. They are always connected to the internet and tend to be more energetic and all-knowing. Management should be able to bring the trust and meet their expectations in improving skills.