Three Fool-Proof Ways to Improve Your Company’s Image and Brand

By | July 29, 2015

Getting your company noticed by your target market is one thing – but improving your brand and image is another. If you have already been in the business for some years, you would know that there would be times when you need to re-vamp your image and give yourself a new look. Or sales may be flagging, and you realize that it may be time to grab the attention of your audience once again. Whatever the case, you need an image and brand overhaul.

So how do you do it? First of all, you need to look at your company from the outside in. Pretend that you are a prospective customer and are seeking the products or services that your own enterprise is offering. This gives you a new perspective on your company and would help you get a better idea of what your customers may be looking for.

Following are three more fool-proof ways to give your brand and image a boost:

1. Remember that first impressions last

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In your quest to attract more customers, you may have forgotten one golden rule: first impressions last. So if you are looking to improve your image and re-vamp your brand, you may want to consider improving your website and giving it a new look and feel. It has been proven that most people who get a good first impression of a website would go back to it – and would choose it over its competitors who are less ‘good-looking’. If your website does not look professional or does not give the right impression, you could be missing out on new customers. Changing your brand and image starts with having a better website, period.

2. Can you deliver on your promises?

After you have grabbed the attention of your prospective customers with a better-looking website, you need to focus on delivering what you have promised. The important thing now is to give your customers what they expect. One other aspect you need to focus on is what type of emotional need you are fulfilling for your customers. Remember that you are not just selling a product or service – you are selling reliability, trust, convenience, and stability. For instance, if you are running a construction business, you would want your customers to see that you are reliable, stable, trustworthy, and easy to deal with, so you have to focus on giving them this impression after the initial first impression.

Once you have determined what image you would like your company to portray, think about how you can show this to your customers. Even the smallest things can make a big difference – your fonts, colours, and logo should be a clear projection of what image you would like to present.

3. Make yourself bigger

Making yourself bigger simply means making your company look bigger than you really are. In general, customers are attracted to businesses which look established – those which look like they have been in their industry or sector for a good number of years and which look like they have a solid staff or workforce to back them up.

Even if your enterprise consists of only three people, you can still give the impression of solidity and strength so your customers will feel that they are dealing with a much bigger company. To help you with this, you may want to think about making use of particular types of content on your company website and even adding partners.

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