The Top Reasons To Use a Document Destruction Service For Your Business

By | February 1, 2015

Today, dependable document shredding services play a vital role in the operation of many influential businesses throughout the GTA and Golden Horseshoe. So much information flows through a typical commercial operation every day that the responsible maintenance and protection of data can literally make the difference between ruin and ongoing success. Professional document destruction ensures a firm’s ability to serve clients responsibly, maintain a strong public image, and avoid devastating legal issues.

Even in the cyber age, enterprises continue to usepaper-based documents. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates thatNorth Americans consume an estimated 69 million tons of paper and paperboard products every year. The responsibility for document destruction and document shredding increasingly falls upon specialized firms, which employ technology on a scale suitable to meet this challenge. Armed with equipment that can shred paper products into fine, irrecoverable pieces, these organizations serve the needs of banks, hospitals, insurance companies, schools, and countless private businesses by offering secure document shredding. They are, in many instances, the last and most significant safeguard against the theft and use of personal identifying information.

Document Destruction Service

Companies in southern Ontario depend upon professional document disposal firms for many other excellent reasons. Outsourcing these functions allows a firm to maintain its obligation of trust with its clients and customers, promising that personal data is given the very highest level of protection possible. No one wants private information to fall into the hands of outside third parties, who might abuse that confidential material. Secondly, the retention of a well-equipped document protection service can relieve a company from the threat posed by identity thieves raiding office wastebaskets or outdoor trash bins in search of partially recoverable documentation. Dishonest individuals often steal discarded paperwork in order to forge fake identities, but if a well-trained document service shreds waste paper, criminal elements are cut from the equation.

There are many other important reasons to hire a respected document destruction service for routine business disposal needs. These include legal requirements regarding the use of confidential data, the convenience and cost savings of regaining excess record storage space, and a desire to enhance workplace morale by making certain that employees cannot rifle through unprotected files to discover one another’s personal data, such as bonuses or pay scales.

For these reasons, and many more,a forceful argument is made for many managers to retain paper shredding experts in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, and Toronto. Safeguarding confidential customer data, reducing opportunities for identity theft, important legal considerations, cost savings and enhanced staff morale certainly rank very high on the list of tangible benefits.