The Top Four Reasons why Banner Stands Remain a Premium Choice for Effective Advertising

By | September 20, 2015

There are indeed a lot of names for the different types of banners available today, which can become confusing if you don’t really know what someone is referring to. But banner stands are also commonly referred to as pop up banners, roller banners, and pull up banners. Whilst there can be various names for banner stands, they all essentially point to one thing: a banner that can easily be transported and installed, literally ‘popping up’ once they are placed at their ideal location.

These banner stands are increasingly being used by many retail, commercial, and business establishments, from small coffee shops and cafes to hotels, theatres, banks, and even hospitals and schools. They can even be used in events and trade shows, set up right beside a booth or stall in order to promote a business. Banner stands come with a host of benefits if you decide to use them for your business. Following are the top four reasons why banner stands are a great choice:

Banner Stand


Easy assembly

As mentioned, pop up stands or roller banner stands are so easy to install and assemble that a child can do it. All you have to do is place the stand at your chosen location and they simply ‘pop up.’ The stands work through a system which is retractable so that when you pull up the banner and place a pole into a specific slot at the banner’s base, your banner is good and ready. This literally just takes a minute or two, which is convenient if you are pressed for time. And since these banners come with a flat, level base as well as a pole, they can remain sturdy and firm for hours on end.

Easy storage

Another major reason why banner stands are a good option is that they are not a hassle to store. They come with easy storage capabilities, which means that all you need is a small space in your office or workplace where you can store your banner until it is needed once again. The banner can actually fold back into its base, and the pole used for supporting the banner can also be collapsed and folded away.

Long-lasting and durable

Aside from being easy to install and easy to store, banner stands also have a lengthy lifespan. You can use them over and over again at any event or exhibit or you can place them outdoors without having to worry if they will last for a long time (they are weather-proof, so they will). Good quality banners will often be made from a combination of vinyl and PVC, such as those from banner printing companies like, which also makes them easy to print on and produces bright, attractive images. Additionally, the banner’s base will be made from a sturdy material, and the frame is usually made from aluminium to make it light yet sturdy and durable.

Easy to transport

If you are planning to use your banner stand for plenty of events or shows in different locations, then you will be happy to know that they are also easy to transport. They have the distinction of being both light and compact, so you can easily fit them into any vehicle. Banner printing services will often provide you with a carry case as well to ensure that your banner does not become damaged or dented whilst in transit.

When you choose the right banner for whatever goal or purpose you have in mind, you can make use of it for years and years, making it the perfect investment for an effective advertising and promotional strategy.