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Branding: It’s in the Details

When it comes to projecting a brand image, it would be hard to imagine someone not having business cards or a letter head with the brand logo and tagline. Brick and mortar businesses have signs, and even price tags, shopping carts, and shopping bags are likely to be branded. Of course, every business brands its… Read More »

Instagram Advertising business exponentially growing

Since being acquired by Facebook, Instagram started entering the digital advertising business. The number of advertisers continues to grow, along with the increasingly aggressive expanding its business services. Reveals that the advertising partner in Instagram grew doubled in the last six months. Now number more than 500 thousand, of approximately 200 thousand in February 2016.… Read More »

These Tips For Successful Sales Strategies Online

Starting an online business might seem a little complicated. Especially those that cloud with the development of information technology today. Nevertheless, the proverb says “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” You do not need to worry, the following 4 tips on starting an online business success: 1. Define Your Audience The most important thing… Read More »