Successful Freelance Work

By | September 5, 2014

get-paid-from-freelance-jobsWorking with a schedule that is free, without stress due to congestion, more time for the child or family, without scolding from the boss, or want to get a larger salary. Maybe this is you can enjoy when you work on a freelance basis as a freelancer or working independently or freelance workers. To be a successful freelancer, there are several things to note. Because in addition to the positive things that you can enjoy, you also must be ready to cope with unpleasant things from a freelancer.

Being a freelancer it can be an option for those who are bored with office work are not flexible. Now, the number of freelance workers has been increasing, such as photographers, designers, writers, insurance agents, programmers, and others.

Supporting Facilities A Freelancer

Working freelance boosted thanks to the advancement of the Internet has become part of life. Ideally, a freelancer seek jobs that will be doing. This can be facilitated by searching through the Internet. Or if you have trouble getting the project to work on, there are many freelance agency you can find on the Internet. Agency will provide a workable project. Once done, you can simply send your work via the Internet and you will get paid from your work.

Another benefit of the Internet is a place for freelancers to promote their expertise. The rise of social networking sites and blogs to facilitate the free labor does not have to bother with a brochure to promote their products or paper that is not necessarily effective and cost more.

The development of communication technology that is cheap and easy to have a bridge between the needs of consumers with freelancers. By using SMS, email, or messenger makes freelancers do not have to spend more money to meet the transportation costs of consumers. Frequently asked questions and offered products can be easily delivered in a short time.

Ease A Freelancer

A variety of things that can not be enjoyed by a full-time worker (full time) became a regular thing that can be enjoyed freelancers. Some of them are:

flexible time

Generally, you are free to do your job at any time origin can be completed before the deadline (deadline) that have been determined. So, you get off at will and be closer to family. You also do not need to go to the office that may have passed through bottlenecks that create stress.

No need to get pressure from your boss or company

You work for yourself, so there is no boss who will scold you or tell you to do something you do not like. There is no firm rule that would make it difficult for you. If you do not like the job, you can simply find another job easily without a contract company.

Greater Revenue

Usually a removable worker earning bigger because all the benefits can be enjoyed alone or having to share, a greater portion than the usual salary received. As a freelance worker, you can define the amount of income you want to receive.

Trouble A Freelancer

Besides the positive things, freelancers also have to deal with the negative things that are less pleasant, for example:

There is no certainty of a fixed income every month

Unlike office workers who receive a salary every month, freelancers have to struggle looking for a project to earn revenue each month.

Ready to work on a holiday

You may have to accept telephone or forced work your project on Sunday due to the imminent deadline. Or when someone else is available, you are forced to be busy working on the project because the project owner orders. Even as there are limited hours of work, you must do the work until late at night. Even sometimes not sleeping freelancers to complete their project.

Do many things themselves

In addition to working on a project that will be created, when you have to find your own project, you have to act like a salesperson (sales), which is interesting to learn to speak like a public relations, set the income and expenditure of money for work on projects such as an accountant, and certainly as experts in the field that you are working on.

Tips to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

Not a few freelancers who fail are not able to work or get a project that is not paid. If you do not want this to happen to you, there are some things you should do, namely:


Because you are free to determine the time to work on your project, it does not mean you can be free. If you are not disciplined, then the project became dormant and missed the deadline specified, so it can not be resolved. Discipline must be applied with a good time while working on a project.

Having a wide network

Because must find their own projects, so if you have more friends, certainly can help you find the desired project.

Consider the talent and character

Each person coined the talent and unique properties. Note that in you so that you can find the appropriate field and not just follow the trend. Example: If you are a shy when it must offer a product to their friends, then became an insurance agent may not be suitable for him.

Customer oriented

Consumers can be an effective means of promotion. If your work is good, he would tell his friends that meant being potential customers for you.

Price matching

The rise of competition may make you think you need to lower the cost of services, but when it gets too low, you may experience a loss that makes you fail. Services can be determined based on experience in Constructing the same project, portfolio, testimonials from your customers, and others.

Being office workers or freelance workers merupkan choice. Talent or specify the nature. Hope you can find a suitable job and enjoy happiness. Are you ready to become a freelancer?