Success Tips Jack Dorsey Lead two Big Companies

By | December 28, 2015

Can not imagine how busy the founder Jack Dorsey microblogging service Twitter post was appointed as CEO some time ago. Because, in addition to expanding the task to increase the share of Twitter being down lately, Dorsey also must stints as CEO at Square a financial company decides to go public on November 19 last.

jack dorsey

Obviously, you’re wondering how this 39-year-old man divided his time to perform all the tasks that? Well, to answer it recently WallStreetJournal reveal what exactly is done Dorsey to successfully carry out the arduous task as CEO of two companies at once.

Dorsey reportedly did not have a desk to work both on Twitter and Square. Men who are still single was also reportedly prefers to work in mobile rather than to settle down in a room and a table in one of the separate office block in the office of San Francisco, USA.

In fact, Dorsey reportedly divides his schedule very well and tight in both the company he leads. In the morning until noon, Dorsey reported to be spending time on Twitter, while the daytime to nighttime turn Dorsey spent his time in the Square.

Not only that, on Monday reportedly Dorsey will spend his time in the morning for a meeting with senior management Twitter consisting of eight executives, including CFO Anthony Noto and President Adam Bain. Afterwards, at around 1.30pm Dorsey reportedly will go to the Square to do the same thing with the executives of the financial services company.

Dorsey’s work ethic is very tight on the schedule was reportedly not separated from the advice she received from Robert Iger, CEO of Disney. According to reports, Dorsey is now also included in the board of directors of Walt Disney Co., a lot of inspiration from the work ethic Iger who successfully led several companies at once, such as Walt Disney and Pixar Animation.