Success Recipe for Women Consumers

By | April 27, 2013

peopel-in-a-business-meetingYou have a business that targets the female market? If yes, you certainly understand that to seek, maintain, and increase customer is not easy. Women have some unique characteristics. There are certain things in women that make it a unique market.

Want to help other beautypreneur in Indonesia, published a book titled Womanology MTG: The Art of Marketing to Woman, Understanding Marketing Strategy, Seduce and Conquer Hearts Women. The five points is called The Diamond Model of Womanology.

The Diamond Model of Womanology is;

1. Connection

In the book launch, which coincided with the peak of the celebration of 40 years of MTG Beautifying Indonesia at the Jakarta Convention Center, Tuesday (28/09/2010), Yuswohady explains, “Women are not only shopping to buy, but also to establish a connection.” In certain product categories, brand women serve as a tool for self-expression. Women looking for similarities in the products he wants to buy. Get up connection, for a woman to have a relationship with the brand and build connections with fellow customers.

2. Care

Women like to be liked and loved, then, be a playboy!. According to him, women want to be heard, considered and understood. As much as possible meet the needs of female customers before they ask. It’s good to keep abreast of trends to meet customer desires. Constantly innovating to follow the will of women

3. Value

Women want to pay less, but get much. Women are creatures of value-oriented. Not surprisingly, women like to bid. Women want to get the benefits of the product as possible. He will carefully conduct research or surveys on the quality of a product before making a purchase. He also likes looking for a recommendation of a fellow female consumers. Not to mention the amount of media that provide product knowledge, consumers became more intelligent.

4. Empathy

“Empathy has become something that is increasingly important in building a brand (brand-building), why? Know Oprah? Women of the richest in the world to build a brand on its own which makes it preferred by anyone, he was known as a person who has empathy beyond normal. When you reach a point high enough and able to share with others, share it. Do programs CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to build the empathy of the customer.

5. Trust

In his book, the authors write, “Because of the importance of trust for women consumers, we dare say, ‘marketing to a woman is about winning her trust.” Trust becomes a source of mutual understanding, mutual love, mutual care, mutual giving and mutual commitment among female consumers and the brand. “