Small Business Should Have a Company Logo?

By | November 12, 2014

Perhaps you realize that most of the small and medium enterprises run without having an appropriate company logo. When asked why not design and embed a logo on the company or its products, the entrepreneur is then argued, do not have time to deal with things as trivial as that.

business logo

To be honest, this is unfortunate, because in our opinion, when compared to a large business entities, small and medium enterprises is far more require a company logo. And, we will explain why.

1. Representation

A logo has the same role with the owner or employees of the company, which is to help introduce the business or business to the general public. In commercial activities, a company logo has the same role to promote businesses and business, not unlike the owner and employees.

2. Recognition

For a small business, a logo perform the same function with the brand. Commercial companies immediately recognize a brand; as well as customers, creditors, lenders, bankers and other business actors. A successful small business requires the right logo; Rather, to be successful, a small business requires the recognition gained from a good business company logo.

3. Identity

A logo for small and medium enterprises is basically an identity card or passport. He lived only shows the logo and will soon find a loophole to get into a lot of places. In addition, the logo will always be connected and can not be separated with the business, corporate identity as well as employees who are members in it. Therefore a lot of factors involved when creating a company logo.

4. Projected image

Undoubtedly, a business logo to project an image of a business to the outside world much more effectively than other forms of promotion, including advertising. It is true that you need a logo and promotion to pave the way and steal the attention of potential customers and clients. However, once you reach that goal, and successfully get his attention, then to maintain it, you just need a logo designed.

5. Communications

The logo is not just symbols, shapes, or lines and letters, but far more than that. A business logo is basically part of the business policy. The logo can communicate the mission and vision of the company; policy and the workings of the company, up to a commitment to uphold the principles of business ethics. In addition, the logo also conveys the company’s strategy and the intended direction to the parties related to the company (acting).

6. uniqueness

Each has a unique logo. Yes, that’s true. But there is something else in the uniqueness of a logo for a small business. A small business with a company logo designed well will stand out among other small businesses, in addition to automatically be able to “grade” to the more established businesses.

7. Inviting reaction

Perhaps you’re wondering, what the heck so reaction can be produced by a logo? After all, every day we see hundreds if not thousands of corporate logos. So, what caused the reaction fuss logo for a small business? Eits, make no mistake. For a small business, a logo can establish a sense of attachment, respect, positive emotions, and a rational calculation until invites audies to think, “I think we need to try the products offered by this company.” It is also discussed in the article on 5 reasons your business needs a company logo.

8. Beyond the time

Most of the company’s logo can be aged longer than their creators and / or users. In the case of small businesses, it is very important, because the name of small business, there is always a possibility for a change of ownership or even out of business. However, with a good logo design, the company will still be recognizable community, even though the owner has not the same person anymore.

So, still think small businesses do not need a company logo?