Six Considerations Brand Your Business

By | August 4, 2014

brandingYou’ve prepared everything to start a new business, but there is something less. You have not yet determined the exact business name. Although simple, the business name of a big impact on your business trip.

Here are some considerations that you need to look at before deciding on a business name.

1. What do you want to achieve from the business?

A name can separate you from the competition and shows the image of your business. Should you already know your brand position before giving it a name. Who is your target and how to position your business name is a major consideration.

2. What is the name of a business that would limit?

Afterwards, think about whether it would restrict the name of your business into one area. Because who knows, when your business grows, you want to have several fields under one company. If this is your long-term goals, then think of a more universal name.

3. What name has been in accordance with the business?

Consider also whether you choose a name that suits your business or if a name that makes sense. Unique names, such as Halo, may be easy to remember but this method is not always successful in all areas of business. No problem if you want a unique name, as long as the business is still in line with your wake.

4. Is the name easy to remember?

The shorter the name, the more memorable. Names with two syllables are the best. Also avoid acronyms that sometimes there is no meaning for some people. In addition, think about whether the name can be easily spelled, pronounced by the people, and sounds good. When determining the identity of a company or product, a name that is simple and easy is the most excellent.

5. What would you have in mind when consumers hear the name?

Once you find a few names, then think again about what the consumer response about the name. You could ask the people closest to and made ​​a small survey. Ask their opinions and what’s on their minds after hearing the name. Remember, the first impression is the best way to get consumers.

6. What is the name that has special meaning for you?

Sometimes there are people who give the business name because it has a special meaning, such as the child’s name, parents’ names, or even names in certain languages ​​that sounds unique and has its own meaning. If the name is in line with the philosophy of your business, it is possible that the name fit.