Secure with Property Investment

By | February 5, 2015

In the eyes of investors, the property has exceptional charm. Not only are non-inflation, this type of investment is always promising rising prices.


It is indeed plausible. Because the amount of land will not grow. Inevitably, property prices will rise, especially in the economic conditions in Indonesia are very nice. The number of young couples who buy land, apartment, or house from year to year is high.

In addition to price increases, you can also earn income when rented.

Even so, the property also has its disadvantages. The property has low liquidity, in the sense that if you are going to want to sell your property, it takes at least one or two months or even more for the sale and purchase transaction. Therefore, make sure you have an emergency fund before investing property.

There are two types of investment property that you can try, which is a commercial property such as a shop or condotel and residential such as houses and apartments. If you are targeting the difference between the sale value of the property, then buy, and wait until it reaches the highest value and selling. Type Condotel investment is starting to bloom. In addition to fixed income from rent, you also receive rations for living. This type of investment can provide a distinct advantage when the holidays arrive.

In investing in property, the important thing to note is the location where your property. The strategic location, the area that is not flood the course will quickly boost your property value.