Role of Insurance in Protecting Company Assets

By | November 2, 2014

In Protecting Company Assets

business plan4We all realize that in this world we will always meet with uncertainty, where the uncertainty that would result in the risk of the parties concerned. The risk arises because of the uncertainty of the occurrence of events / things / calamity that will cause losses, which means that uncertainty is a condition that causes the growth of risk.

In connection with this fact, everyone should always try to mitigate them, that seeks to minimize uncertainty, so that the losses can be eliminated or at least minimized so that life becomes more calm.

From the business / enterprise, of course, we will always try to make a business trip we run healthy in many ways. In the world of sound business management, there is one very important factor and can not be ignored that the management of the risks that exist and that may arise. The basic principles of risk management is to minimize the adverse consequences of the risks that exist and that may arise.

Without proper care and attention to risk management, which is adjusted to the level of business scale, so if there is a risk that can be very dangerous to be fatal to the viability of the business, and even make a business institution that is destroyed.

One mechanism of risk management is the management of the risks that could result in financial loss. There are two methods of controlling the financial risks, which are essentially two ways are to provide / release funds. The way it is with:

Risk Retention, which the company bears its own risks faced by consciously decided not to remove the potential harm to others, but counted as unexpected costs.
Financing Risk Transfer, which is to transfer the risk to the financing or spending certain amount of money to pay for what is called the premium to the other party, namely the insurance company as the recipient of the transfer of risk.

Of both of the above, how many have done by the company because of their efficiency and effectiveness is the second way is by insurance.