Read this Book Can Make You More Success

By | March 1, 2016

Research has proven that 85 percent of wealthy people read two books per month. Both the education and careers as well as on self-development.

book for success

If the hobby of reading can be fruitful for them, surely this habit can also have a positive impact for you.

Quoted from the article What Rich People Have Next To Their Beds, the results of this research also proved that the book as one of the five mentors play an important role in how the wealth of the rich.

Corley explained the four other mentors are parents, teachers, peers and life experiences.

Here are five books that can make you more successful as launch Business Insider:

1. Girlboss

Girlboss a book by Sophia Amaruso founder of e-commerce sites, NastyGal. This book tells about the journey Sophia Amaruso to achieve success until now.

This book can inspire and full variety of life’s journey that you can encounter.

2. ‘A New Earth’

Eckhart Tolle’s book invites readers to appreciate life possessed. He outlines steps that can be taken to transcend the ego and achieve a more enlightened state.

This book is among the selected books as the Oprah Book Club.

3. Awaken The Giant Within

This book was published in 1992 by one of the world renowned motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. This book is able to give you practical strategies to find the passion that had been desired.

4. Big Magic

The author of a famous book by Elizabeth Gilbert said that the strategy to combat the fear that often arise in life. Titled Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert tells some tips that you can use to find inspiration in life.

5. Business Adventure

This book is one of the favorite books of Bill Gates. John Brooks revealed that one of the main values ​​in business is not profit per se, but rather a value that can be distributed to others.