Pioneering Startup Business, Need the Right Mentor

By | August 5, 2015

In a pioneering startup requires not only a matter of passion and capital alone, not infrequently a newly developed startup requires the support of a mentor startup right in order to move forward to a better direction again.

It’s not easy to find the right mentor and guiding startup wants us to go to the path of success. Although difficult, it is quite possible we could find the startup mentor figure if we want to pay attention to things that are conveyed by the actors and the following business startup.

Startup Business

1. Being Good Founder to Get a Good Mentor

According to Takeshi Ebihara as the co-founder and General Partner of Batavia Incubator, we must be good figure founder in order to get a good mentor. Takeshi statement is also reinforced by the opinions of weather Wilson, co-founder and managing partner of East ventures.

Wilson stated that a startup mentor will choose to guide a startup that is considered to have potential and a good work ethic to advance. In addition, a strong vision is also one important thing that we must show as founder of a startup.

2. Must be Found Matches

A lot of startup qualified mentor who can guide a startup, but certainly not all of these mentors have a match with our startup. According to Takeshi, where technology is making the pioneering startup can communicate easily with a number of large companies. It should also be supported by a mentor intuition to decide which one is best suited to the business that we select.

No need to rely on a lot of mentors to support startup if it turns out one or two is enough to help mentor our startup journey.

3. Mentor Also Startup Must Qualify

Being a mentor startup is not easy. Somebody deserves to be called as a mentor if it is successfully escorting some startup success and have a company which was a success in the field.

When compared as a doctor, a mentor is the party that should be able to help the growth and development of its founder together startup. In times of growing startup, a mentor will accompany a startup to get in touch with many parties, including investors.

4. It would be nice if the Mentor Invest

Capital invested by the mentor at startup is being mentor will be one of the evidence of the seriousness of the mentor. Certainly no one right people who want to lose money after startup to invest in particular. It is felt by the mentor will automatically create new ideas and mentor becomes more brilliant, futuristic and useful for the development startup.

5. Take advantage of Social Media to Conduct Investigation

The rapid development of social media can also be used to find the right mentor. Social media we can use to search for information or a similar business can support our startup. Through social media we can see information about the owner of the business or startup before deciding whether the owner figure fit to be a mentor for our startup.

Furthermore, we stayed establish an intimate and interactive communication by contacting the owner of the business. Open-minded business owners certainly will not mind taking the time to exchange ideas and share experiences to get a lot of amazing new science.