Maximise Space (and Profits) with Storage

By | June 23, 2015

Storage is one aspect of business that too often gets left to chance. You need somewhere to put stuff so you buy a cabinet and think the job is done.

However, despite this being the most common way of solving storage problems, it isn’t the best way. Storage doesn’t need to be a passive thing – it can actively work with you, providing pathways to improved profits and making working space more enjoyable and productive.

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Take Stock of Space

Look around your office area and ask yourself if the floor space could work harder. If you’re renting office space, you’re paying for every square foot, so it’s to your advantage to make sure no corner is underperforming.

If you have ranks of filing cabinets along a wall, could you get rid of a few by better utilising cloud storage facilities? There are lots of providers of free cloud storage where you can safely lodge company records and databases, doing away with the need to keep extensive paper records that are hardly ever accessed.

CRM is easier too, when all company information is cloud based. Companies of all sizes can benefit from comprehensive services like Microsoft Office 365 for business. Not only is all information safe and secure, it’s also instantly accessible to staff members who need it, regardless of whether they’re office based or in the field.

Rent out Office Space

If you’ve cleared some floor space by getting rid of unneeded cabinets, you likely have space for another desk.

Bringing in an additional desk lets you take advantage of the growing trend for shared office space. By renting a spare desk to a fellow business owner or freelance worker, you not only generate extra income but also enjoy less tangible benefits such as the energy new faces introduce to the workplace. You never know, you might even find someone whose interests complement your own, which could lead to a new, profitable collaboration.

Specialist companies, such as Office Genie, exist to match those with desks to rent with those who are renting them.

Make E-Commerce More Profitable

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing business sectors today. Consumers love the convenience and retailers love the simplicity of the business model. The only real problem is the question of stock storage. You need enough space to house stock safely and organise it logically. You also need somewhere that’s conveniently located, with easy access for delivery vehicles, especially as the business grows and you buy in larger quantities.

A growing band of e-commerce businesses have realised the potential offered by self storage companies to meet all their needs. Self storage companies in return have realised how well their services complement business owners and now offer some specialised additional services. Some, for instance, will receive deliveries on your behalf when you can’t be there yourself, or offer courier services.

In addition, self storage offers the versatility that’s hard to find elsewhere. Short term rental contracts mean you can vacate with just a week’s notice, and similarly you can upgrade your level of space just as quickly when you need additional space – say for seasonal fluctuations or special overstock bargains you wish to purchase.

So convenient are the storage spaces offered by self storage companies that many e-commerce businesses also use their storage rooms as pack and dispatch stations. The installation of a small desk makes simple admin like wrapping and labelling very easy. Very often, e-retailers find they don’t need a separate office at all, but if there are times when you do want dedicated office space, some storage companies offer flexible office spaces with no long term leases.

If you’ve been guilty of seeing storage as a passive necessary evil, take another look and realise how it can work to increase your profits and ease your workflow. Self storage, cloud storage, and better use of available space make storage the dynamic business partner is should be.