Key to Success Serving Customer Complaints

By | December 6, 2014

Good quality services to customers is a key to success in the market competition. There are times when an employer has to deal with consumer complaints that often come with anger. The challenge is the ability of employers to deal with the situation and make consumers feel satisfied.


The ability of employers to handle complaints effectively likely change dissatisfied customers into customers that promote your business.

The following tips are oriented keep consumers in dealing with customer complaints:

Listen carefully

Do not be defensive. Customers simply angry because it has a problem with a product or service, not in a personal thing. Say reset all their complaints to show that their complaints are heard.

Ask carefully

The more information from the customer, the better employers in understanding the customer’s viewpoint.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

In dealing with complaints, the goal is to solve the problem of a businessman not argue with the customer. As a customer, they want to employers on their side and empathize with the problems being faced.

Apologizing without blame

Apologize to the customer without the need to blame the other party. Say “We are sorry for the inconvenience,” without the need to blame others or other division (which may be where the problem comes).

Be a partner in solving problems

Ask some solutions and recommend one of them. Although customers do not know which one is the best solution, ask again whether the proposed solution is acceptable. Attitude in the face of such a complaint can ease the burden on customers.

Solve the problem as soon as possible

Research shows that customers are more like people who talk less and quickly resolve the problem. If the complaint to the higher chain of command in a company, it will be more difficult to handle and make customers more depressed.