Keeping Better Payroll Records and Saving Your Company Money

By | December 23, 2015

Payroll inaccuracies account for many companies’ biggest financial losses. When you underpay or overpay workers, your cash flow takes a serious hit. You can improve the payroll records and protect your company’s bottom line by investing in technology that comes with equipment like computerized time clocks and other record keeping systems. By shopping the online inventory of businesses like Allied Time and other makers of these systems, you can find the technology that best suits your needs and will save you time and hassle in keeping your company’s payroll.

time clock

Traditional Clocking Systems

Choosing the technology that best suits your company goes beyond selecting a system that you like the most. You also must ensure that your staff can use it as it is designed. While many employees today have mastered how to use the Internet and log onto WiFi, others, particularly older workers, have yet to understand how this technology works.

Rather than take a chance on workers not utilizing the time clock correctly, you can instead choose from clocks that feature more traditional and easier-to-use designs. Time punch machines and clocks that require workers to type in identification numbers can still be found available on the Internet. These systems record payroll down to the second for every employee who worked. They also take into account details like holiday pay, sick leave, and lunch hours. Your payroll accuracy will increase and your cash flow will stabilize. You can look forward to avoiding paying out too much or too little money to workers each payday.

Computerized Time Keeping Systems

If you feel that your employees have the knowledge and capabilities to use a computerized WiFi clock, you can also find one of these systems for sale online. These clocks rely on wireless Internet to function. They are extremely accurate and can function with a wireless signal even when the electricity goes out. Many WiFi providers make available signals that stay up for at least five hours during outages. You can maintain your payroll even during outages and other times when your regular computer system goes down.

Like regular clocks, these systems also account for employees’ time on the floor, lunch hours, sick leave, vacations, and more. When you print out your records each pay period, you can be confident in their accuracy.

Your payroll can make or break your cash flow. Keeping accurate records can be accomplished with better time clocking systems.