It’s All In the Design: Creating A Successful Exhibition Stand

By | October 7, 2015
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Image by: Phil Manker

The success of your exhibition will count on a number of things however the design of your stand is at the core of how well the overall outcome is. No matter what your original reason was for exhibiting in the first place, your aim is to have the best day you can attracting as much business as possible for your brand. This is where the design comes into play as the stronger and more memorable your design is, the higher your chances are of attracting new business and building a solid reputation.

It starts with the prep

As you probably guessed, building a strong foundation in the planning stage is essential to creating a strong vision with the design of your stand. There are plenty of contracting companies and high quality exhibition stands in the UK so it’s up to you to choose the one that can deliver your design just the way you want it.

Firstly, you want to identify what your goals are for exhibiting in the first place. What do you want to achieve by exhibiting? It’s important at this stage to define your targets and be specific as these will help your design to deliver your objectives. It is important to always remind yourself of your goals throughout the entire design process as it can be easy to lose sight and get excited by the details.

Secondly, when it actually comes to drawing out the design plan, you will want to make sure it encapsulates your aims, brand value, and what your product offers. It not only needs to capture the essence of all those things but it needs to communicate it in a way that can be easily understood by your target audience and relatable to them.

The design ultimately is a reflection of your brand

Always remember that whatever you design, it will become associated with your brand by all of the hundreds or thousands that see it. Considering your stand from a basic standpoint will inspire the creative process and ensure your idea always directs back to your initial objectives and doesn’t stray too far from the original idea.

Considering the basics helps you grasp exactly how much floor space you require, any lighting, media, furniture, and other materials you will need to build the stand you have been envisioning. Once you deliver a strong design, your customers and potential clients will be able to see that you are a reliable competitor in the market place.

By showing the face of your company year upon year and exhibition after exhibition, you will build a strong reputation which is largely based on how successful your stand design is. Having a strong and engaging design structurally is an important element alongside eye-catching images and interesting text. So essentially it does come down to the branding and how well you communicate that to your audience.

This is ultimately a physical advert for your company

Similar to a billboard ad, your stand has only a few seconds to make a mark on the customer. This is why the design is so crucial as it will either turn on or turn off the people walking by. With so much competition in the exhibition hall, it must deliver your message quickly and get to the point so customers don’t even have to think about it.

Remember, the great thing about exhibiting is that you get to enhance the image of your brand by incorporating elements that play with all the senses. It is not only a visual ad for your brand, but can also include physical materials, various lighting, nice aromas, various tastes all to engage people’s perceptions and build the strongest stand design possible.