Investing Stocks Vs Play Stocks

By | April 10, 2015

investmentKnow since when the phrase “playing the stock” start frequently used to describe the activity of the stock investment in the capital market. Know since when the phrase is also more popular than the expression stock investing.

Whatever it is, according to practitioners and inspiration of investment, investment – of any kind – is not supposed to be done by playing let alone try.

Investment is mandatory for everyone, whatever your profession at this time. Because, if only to save it would be very difficult to achieve a comfortable retirement. That’s why everyone should invest.

Although banned the use of the word ‘play’ when investing, investment practitioners would ask that each investor to have a mental like playing in recognizing equity investments or other investments.

Because there is a chance you will “lose” or “fail” when he first tried to invest. When it does, press the restart button and return to play until the level of success you skip.