Improving Life and Teaching New Skills to the Public

By | August 22, 2015

Since the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, everyday life in that country has continued to evolve for the better. People who once were restricted in what information they had access to now are hungry to learn new skills and find out more about how to become independent as they help build their country’s future. Entrepreneurs are making a positive impact on Afghanistan by setting up communication services that range from Afghan Wireless Internet to multi-lingual TV broadcasts that people can gain access to on a daily basis. This service lets them read the daily news, learn business skills, and find out how to improve their health and lifestyles, resources that once were unavailable to them prior to the fall of the Taliban.

mobile network

Growing Subscribers

These services are so popular in Afghanistan that more people continue to subscribe to them everyday. They now reaches more than three million subscribers, with more people signing up everyday for Internet and cell phone services. By helping people gain access to technology that other people around the globe take for granted, businessmen and other entrepreneurs demonstrate their concern for their country and its future. They want to see the country progress rather than return to the days when freedom of information was restricted.

To make this information as accessible as possible to the people, the new Afghan network broadcasts the news, educational programming, and other services in several languages. People who tune into these broadcasts can hear them in Dari, Pashtu, and English. Because Afghanistan is a large country where several different languages are spoken, business professionals that include Ehsan Bayat and others like him recognized the need for multilingual broadcasts. People who speak one of these languages, but not the others can still be well served by this service.

Honors and Awards

The rest of the world recognizes that Afghanistan is experiencing unique challenges in forging ahead in its progress. Because entrepreneurs are stepping up to the challenge of improving everyday life in this country, organizations like the Friends of the South Asian American Communities are quick to applaud these efforts. Its Mahatma Ghandi Humanitarian award was awarded recently in recognition for making wireless services and broadcasts available to as many people as possible in Afghanistan. The 2008 Corporate Responsibility Award from the Canada-Afghanistan Business Council also recently was awarded in recognition of Afghanistan technology improvements.

Afghanistan has come a long way since the Taliban was removed from power in the last decade. People now have access to information that helps them improve their daily lives.