Importance of Trust in Online Business Running

By | March 26, 2016

Trust is very important for the sustainability of online businesses. Keep the trust of customers is a necessity for an online store is very different from the way the operational regular physical stores. Due to some situations in between, sellers and buyers can not meet in person, the customer can not see directly the products we sell and process the payments through bank transfer or with the online payment system.


To overcome this we will discuss a few tips to keep the trust of online customers in your business:

1. Provide the information needed by the customer

In the online shop customers can not see and try out the products that we sell. Therefore, we must describe the state of the goods we sell very clear from the price of goods, model, size, materials used, colors available etc. Of course we as the seller must know and understand the information about the goods we sell well. It is intended that customers do not feel cheated or lied with the goods ordered.

2. Easy to be contacted

To maintain the trust of your customers must be able to respond to customer orders quickly (fast response). Therefore it is very important to include some communication media to contact you such as phone numbers / sms, pin BBM, WhatsApp, Line, username Twitter, Facebook, and others. It is intended that customers can easily contact you.

If there are customers who want to inquire about a product or make a payment confirmation, do not let them wait too long for your reply. If there is indeed an obstacle that makes you late to reply or difficult to contact, then immediately explain to the customer why it happens in order to keep customers put their trust in us.

3. Create an attractive website

Note that the information displayed is always up to date, free of spelling and coding errors, and free from broken links. Make sure that the web pages lightweight so it can be accessed quickly in order not to make the customers get bored and leave your website. In addition, the themes and ecommerce web design, it would be better if adapted to the product and the target buyers.

For example if we sell fashion items or accessories women will be better ecommerce web design with muted colors and shades sweet, customers will undoubtedly be more comfortable than that would show the professionalism of our efforts.

4. Include customer testimonials

Based on the meaning of the word, a testimonial is a statement that is usually written, in favor of other characters and a personal recommendation. In online business, testimonials is important to be able to attract the attention of potential customers, because usually they tend to seek the opinions and responses of consumers who had already shopped at the store in order to get a reference to buy a product.
From the testimonials also we can find out whether customers are satisfied with the products and services we provide so that we can make corrections and introspection that our online store is getting better. The most important thing in our business is included testy lest you install testy our own false or essay, the article of today’s consumers are far more intelligent and understand which words are genuine and which are fake. It would be better if it included link social media accounts, or at least the email of the giver testimony.

5. Accept return of goods

Sometimes the products that we sell damaged, late in coming or even goods delivered to the customer is wrong. It is common in online stores. Maybe this is not purely our fault but it could be damaged goods on the way to the customer. Surely we should be ready with these risks and are willing to replace it. This is considered as a way to maintain the trust of customers to an online store.

6. Take care of customer privacy

Privacy issues are very important in the virtual world. Assure your customers that the data they provide to the need for buying a product will not be shared with anyone for any purpose.

7. you want to see your concern

In keeping with the trust and familiarity with the customer, we can also do by showing a sense of care for the customer. For example, we did a survey or an online poll about what products they expect from our store. Or we could offer the customer to participate in the event we are holding. That way they will feel appreciated and expected to continue to shop at your online store.