How To Start A Business Selling Soccer Tickets Online

By | March 3, 2015

Tickets to soccer matches are always in demand, and with a bit of skill you can easily turn yourself into a ticket broker. You’ll also need a bit of cash to start with as well as some Internet skill (though the older offline ticket brokers are in demand as well).

Champions League tickets

To get started, you’ll need a business license (in some areas you’ll also need a specific ticket broker license) as well as an account on the established ticket sales sites (StubHub, eBay, Craigslist, and a few more). You can also start your own website.

Now you’re ready to start selling.

Buying Tickets

Buying a block of tickets to a match is where your initial investment comes into play. You start of buying a block of tickets from a primary vendor like Ticketmaster and then listing them either online, in a classified newspaper ad, or via word of mouth.

Before you buy, you’ll want to do some research as to which tickets are going to be in demand and can be marked up in price. Tickets to a minor local match will be very different from 2015 Champions League tickets. If you pick the right match, you can earn as much as 50 percent profit.

The first sale will be your entry into the ticket brokering game, where you get to learn what you’re able to sell and how much you’re able to earn. As things get more expansive, you can even hire other ticket brokers to track the big events and handle selling, while you manage the operation and collect (many of) the profits.

Day To Day Operations

When you’re brokering tickets, you’ll want to keep an ear out for matches that are coming up — and in particular those matches that are likely to be hot sellers. Your first task every day will therefore be checking on the upcoming events, and making sure you know when it’s time to get your ticket block.

Next, you’ll want to check to make sure all tickets you’ve sold have been paid for by the buyers and shipped out. The faster your shipping, the better the reputation you’ll get among your customers.

From there you’ll update your ticket site listings or classified ads to make sure there aren’t any already-sold tickets still on sale and add any new tickets you have in shop.

Finally, if you have brokers working for you, you’ll want to keep an eye on your finances as well as ensure the brokers who are working for you are doing their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Who Are Your Customers?

It’s very important to know who you’re selling tickets to. Are you dealing with teenagers who want to go to a match with their friends, or are they adult fans with money to spend for excellent seats? In general your customers are aware they’re paying more for tickets when they buy from you, so in exchange they expect to get good seats and great service. Be sure you deliver, and you’ll have them coming back again and again for more.