How to reduce the stress of Work

By | March 21, 2018

Being part of a great team is an achievement that makes us feel good, especially if elected to chair in a team. The level of pleasure felt will be more powerful than ever before.

stress of works

However, pleasure is not always blanketing. Large work projects, demanding a team must give maximum contribution for the work achieved is also maximal. This is certainly not easy to do. Challenges for challenges that come not infrequently create a stress team so that the results of his work is very bad.

In order to reduce stress, the following to reduce stress.

1. Arrange Planning

In a job, unpleasant things always come uninvited. If a team is not able to respond to this, the process of large projects will be hampered or even not completed.

With careful planning, you and your team can deal with unpleasant things wisely. Barriers or problems that occur will be addressed with a cold head without being overshadowed by stress.

2. Coordinate with the Team

Because of his work with the team, the process of preparing the work plan should also be done with the team. Emerging ideas should be discussed together before deciding on a sure idea used during the project process.

In order for good coordination, everyone should be able to control their individualistic attitude. Expand to hear and avoid to cut off the conversation before they finish talking.

3. Think Before You Make a Decision

The current decision will have a major impact on the process and results of a project. Before deciding on a decision, think in advance, whether the decision is the best decision or not.

Decision-making is not expected to focus on only one aspect point, but to all aspects related to the work project.

4. Selingi with Jokes

Research proves people who are too serious to work will be more susceptible to stress than people who work casually. It can not be denied, completing the task seriously it is a must to avoid small mistakes. However, it is better if the work interspersed with a little joke for the nerves of the brain is not too stiff.

In between breaks, play funny videos to provoke the laughter of the other team members. Laugh as much as before the work project again makes your brain complicate.

5. Many Rest

Completing such a complex project requires considerable manpower. To restore the lost power, you need to rest. Rest is not only sleep, but can also withdraw from work for several minutes, then back again to continue working.

Brain work system should not be too forced. If the work continues while the nerves are starting to tense, the existing nerve muscles can be problematic later. If the nerve brain is problematic, you will experience pain that would hurt yourself.

6. Embracing each other

The team project is a joint project. When one team member is not able to do his part, the rest of the team can help. At least by giving directions on the correct procedures.

In a team, there is no such thing as competition. No one wins or loses. The team’s success is the victory of all the members. Instead, the team’s defeat is a failure of all members. So start embracing each other and helping each other.

7. Stay Grateful

Too many projects often make you forget to be grateful for the achievements that have been achieved so far. In fact, grateful is one form of light relaxation to enhance the brain’s nervous immunity. All kinds of problems that occur while working on a project can be overcome by cold to no stress.

Before and after starting work, at least give thanks in advance for the project to be done can produce maximum results.

One of the main triggers of stress is self. If you do not want to stress, do what should be done calmly and relaxed without coupled with fear and pessimistic.