How to Make Your Business Blueprint

By | May 17, 2013

business-ideas-entrepreneurDo you run a business that is running in place? The reason could be many factors, one of which lack a clear business blueprint and carefully documented.

It may be that your business has been running yearly, even without the need to write and document the work plan. But when it finds a problem, ranging from cash flow stalled, employees who are not productive, even sagging sales, this is a sign that you need to improve management.

Business blueprint described as a pyramid starting from the top with the vision, the mission, goals, and action plans at the very bottom Pyramid. The sides Pyramid is personality (character), cultural, and behavioral (mindset) that influence the success of a business.

all elements must be written in this pyramid. With a clear written rules, the team had a clear direction according to the position and responsibilities. Vision is the duty of formulating a business owner, then the mission of the authority and responsibility level of the CEO or president, then the purpose of the business will be run under the guidance of manager, a well-organized work plan and then run the team. As an individual in the business schemes, the employee performs with the mindset, character and work culture in tune written according to the rules in force in the company.

So, what should be written clearly?

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • The work plan
  • Standard operating procedure
  • Description of the work
  • Rule
  • Organizations
  • Cash flow
  • Strategies

So, if your business never bring maximum results, be sure to reconstitute all the rules work, and make sure it is written to be a guide to all workers. Even the work culture must be written to motivate yourself, whether the owner of the business and its employees.