How to Make Money While Student Status

By | January 27, 2014

get-paid-from-freelance-jobsThe days of college is the best time to venture out and try. It was unfortunately not utilized your time when looking for as much experience. Including in terms of earning his own. In addition to filling your savings account, from there you can also learn to be independent. Shame too, right that can only be lifted a hand to the elderly?

Maybe you ask: how do can earn money as a student?

1. Small Entrepreneurship

Building a business from scratch is not easy, especially if the student status. But if the business was departing from your hobby, you may be more interested and challenged to do so. Remember, the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia tuh still 1.65% of the total population know. There are still great opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship since attending college will not teach you many things you learn in college. Set subordinates, management effectiveness, convincing people: no Ph.D lecturer or professor who will teach it. Not your efforts may not be great before you graduate. After graduation, so you do not have to bother looking for a job.

Do not forget, all the big companies start with a small step. Do not be embarrassed if your efforts are still small. The important thing is that you still have a dream and effort to make it great.

2. So online resellers

Reseller or dropshipper online business is relatively easily done by the students, because capital is not large. The concept is, you act as a liaison between the consumer and the supplier of the goods. You simply find the supplier of the goods you want to sell and find its market. It’s been a lot of really supplies that utilize this system in Indonesia, you just need to find info and market industriously wrote.

3. So the tutoring

If you are confident and have the same ability to divide your knowledge emotion to others, not hurt to be a tutor tutoring. In addition to sharing knowledge, you also can get income from there. Tutor tutoring is not merely academic, but it could be that the non-academic, like music or martial – although for the latter you may need a license anyway.

4. Doing freelance work projects online

Well, if that is his choice really diverse. You can do the appropriate expertise. Starting from data entry, article writing, graphic design, architecture, photography, and much more. You can find projects for freelancers it through sites like Fiverr and Freelancer and the opportunity to connect with people from different parts of the world.

5. Work through the temporary commercial events

If you like field work, no harm in trying out so the crew of temporary commercial events: exhibitions automotive, electronics, and music concerts. In addition to add insight into the intricacies of organization of the event, you can also meet with various characters of people, even met the artist. Usually, it works all day, but their events do not take place every day right. No harm right of attendance at college used to this.

6. Selling pulse

I think, almost not there people who do not need credit for calling, texting, or surf. Hence, the business of selling pulses easily done by anyone, including students. Moreover, you’ve got their own market segments, namely your friends. The advantage is not just how the hell, but still quite make snack.

7. Selling a stock photo or a photographer on weekends

If you have photography skills are qualified, you can use your skills to make a good photo stock and then sell it on the websites of stock photo providers like,, or Alternatively, you can also work together with my friends to make business hobby photography and wedding videography services.

8. So the crew events on campus

While still a student, take advantage of your status to active in campus activities, so you have a greater opportunity to follow-up or hold big events in university. If you managed to get a strong sponsors for event-mu, if not impossible surplus funds to your budget and can be used for fun. .

9. Translators

If asingmu good language skills, use kemahiranmu to be a translator, both written and verbal. You can translate the article or become interpreters in international forums. For some weekdays only, you can get a few million. Oh yes, you can also be a tour guide for foreign tourists know.

10. Volunteers

Working as a volunteer is closely related to the field of environment and humanity. But, do not membayangan so volunteer in nongovernmental organizations that forced labor without pay, you know. If its strong donor NGOs, instead it’s impossible for you to be more affluent than friends your own age. So, do not be in doubt if there is an opportunity to work as a volunteer.

11. Author

Well, if you like to write, make your work can be read by many people. Submit your writing manuscript to a publisher or diligent blogging. Who knows, you are lucky enough, your blog noticed by publishers and used books.

There have been many young writers who skyrocketed while he was still a student. Raditya Dika and Alanda Kariza only one of the two of them. You can also imitate them!

12. Scholarship

You excel in college? Do not waste scholarships are disbursed government and private companies for you. These scholarships are legion, the requirements also vary. Also do not get too complicated. But, before taking a scholarship granted by an institution, first learn the terms. Oh yes, getting a scholarship is more than one it is also not impossible to know