How to Grow Habits for Productivity

By | September 10, 2015

The day a piece of thread, long into the cloth. This proverb fits juxtaposed with small habits, which if done regularly can settle and bring benefits.


Key to cultivate the habit is to start, creating a simple goal, towards consistency.

The same thing is contained in a book written by Scott SJ, Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less.

“The essence of the idea behind the concept of custom mini is that you can build a great habit of thinking small enough to begin with. Most people do not need motivation to do push-ups one time, making it easy to get started. Once you get used to, so it was easy to continue,” wrote Scott told Time.

According to Scott there are 8 defining element of habit where you’d like fertilizer. Some of them; a habit that can be completed in 5 minutes, bringing improvements in life, according the process logic.

Furthermore Scott split the you might do every day. At first glance like common sense, but he thinks if done regularly can bring about change. Both in quantity and quality of your productivity.

  • Drink a large glass of water. Because water is important for the brain
  • Create a schedule and task priority
  • Focus on three things or the most important task
  • Change your work into small steps to simplify the process
  • Create accountability to deliver your objectives to others
  • Give a gift to yourself after completing a task
  • Eliminate distractions before work
  • Clear the table, except that you need to finish the job today
  • Play Music to improve focus
  • Doing the most difficult task first
  • Commit to a smaller destination
  • For working time into several smaller parts, making sure every minute of useful counting so time is not wasted
  • If a job takes only 2 minutes to settle and then move on to the next job
  • Save all ideas by writing
  • Create a list of jobs that you have completed
  • Look back to what your purpose, so as to draw up a plan to make it happen

The phrase “Aim high!” who actually have good intentions, can have the opposite effect. Another matter if you are practicing the opposite. Make an easy goal to achieve, little by little your level increases so strong foundation.