How to get working capital loans with ease

By | July 18, 2016

Getting a job has become a new problem for everyone. A graduate degree is not yet certain to get a decent job for them. This is because the competition is very tight and this is what became one of the factors increasing unemployment. However, there is actually a solution that you can do to avoid the status of ‘unemployed’ is.


Entrepreneurship is one of the answers that you can do as a replacement for an office job.

However, the need for capital sometimes be a problem before you started the entrepreneurship activity.

Venture capital loans borrowed funds into banks is one of the answers that you can do to get the initial capital in entrepreneurship,

However, because the number of applicants who failed to unfreeze credit venture capital, we will give you some tips to succeed in getting venture capital loans.

1. Start with a small business

One of the factors that make venture capital loan proposal was rejected was because the Bank feels effort that will have you up untested success.

If you get these funds, but the business carried on not going well, it could result in losses on both sides.

Therefore, try to make your venture from as small and as early as possible. Draw terms of business beforehand. This could be a good capital before you apply for credit lending venture capital proposal to a bank.

2. Create Financial Reports

Having made the effort of a small scale, the next thing to do is to make financial reports as neat and clear as possible. It could be a picture and a reference to the Bank in view of business prospects that you offer.

It became another important factor that can help you succeed in business capital loans borrowed funds. These financial statements also serves very good for you for future business development.

By doing so, the business income and expenses will be recorded more clearly.

3. Make Special Account Business

The habit of using one type of money accounts for personal and business money is a very bad habit, especially for those who are just starting the business.

By doing this practice, you can’t note clear how income and expenses are also regularly carried out by type of business. Therefore, from now on, try to make two types of accounts.

Use one such account as a business account so that private funds and the results of these efforts will come together and you can record the movement of funds in the venture in the financial statements clearly.

4. Maintain Good Credit History

Today, Bank Indonesia has had the Debtor Information System technology in which data is every person who ever did credit will be recorded well over there and can be accessed by any Bank.

Of course for those who have a history of doing bad credit loans would be a reason to reject the proposal of the Bank working capital loan that you apply for.

Conversely, if your history well, the Bank will give a plus and facilitate the credit application process is done.

5. Be honest

The last thing is be honest. In this case, give the documents and files that correspond and original and also directly related to the business that you have started.

Never even falsified documents because it would be very easy to be known by the Bank. This is usually the reason why many applicants who failed to get a loan.

6. Good preparation

The essence of the fifth of the above is that you have to prepare everything well before you actually apply for credit lending business capital.

Do the five tips above so it will be easier to process credit proposals to Bank lending business capital of your choice. By doing so, your proposal will be received with open arms by the Banks.