How to Choose WordPress Theme

By | February 10, 2015

Themes that you use to control how the HTML output of your article. Not just to make it look attractive. Meaning Theme also plays an important role when the search engine spiders crawling download blog or website.

theme wordpress free

Now many developers who create WordPress themes. You can get it for free or buy it. For a free theme, I prefer to look at and If I am less comfortable with that theme, I opened the file and then mengopreknya own. Can Get Responsive wordpress theme free.

For marketplace Theme Themeforest Premium or paid there, StudioPress, Thesis, WooThemes etc.

Yesterday, a blogger contacted me and leave me a question. He said he had three weekly change theme, because he saw it looks good. Even the developer mengeklaim that theme is SEO Friendly. He bought it for $ 35. The problem, an article in the Google SERPs increasingly reduced. He did not know why.

My hunch is that there may be something wrong with the HTML structure. I see the HTML code of the pages of his blog. The surprise was all the articles that he wrote turned out to have a rel = “canonical” to the page homepage.

That’s why Google reduce the blog index, because the articles that he wrote regarded as dummie of the homepage. I’m sure if she continued to wear the theme, then the index will only stay front page alone.

Well, I then suggested that removing cannonicalnya function in the theme header tags. And activate the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin is great, and the output link canonicalnya true.

Design and Features

I love the beauty and art. Basically all humans, too. Therefore you tend to choose Template for zoom. The way it is the most widely used. Actually, there is nothing wrong with the way it is. But if you want to find a better way, then continue reading the article.

Looking for a theme that suits your tastes and needs is a difficult job. Would be more difficult if you do not know what you need. So before googling or directly to the marketplace, make sure you have a list of features you need and how it should shape its design.

That way you can ensure the selected theme later meets your needs. And make sure you stay on track to achieve your goal is to create a website.

If you have more budget, book wordpress theme design services is a great option. Because you can tell the developers concerned tastes and features you need. You also can tell the developers, if there are less in design and functionality.

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How to choose a theme wordpress

Do not opt for the view, therefore the element that easily manipulated. You just open the CSS code only, and change some of its CSS properties. It looks definitely changed. In fact you can also remodel.

The difficult thing changed is the core or the back-end. Back-end theme will determine the features, security and flexibility. Choose a theme for the back-endnya.
SEO Friendly?

I will explain how to assess a theme that is SEO friendly or does not. Now, many providers and developers who mengeklaim themenya SEO friendly. If I find that phrase in its description, then I will ignore it.

I would click on the preview button theme. Then I see the HTML code of each page created. First I searched for an answer to this question:

  • Is it fast loading theme.
  • Is this theme does not have inline CSS and Javacript.
  • Then if a theme that meet these criteria, I see the


You do not have to get that perfect theme together with your criteria. Themes that have specifications approaching is a wise choice.

Even though providers say themenya SEO friendly, do not choose a theme for the text. Take a look at the HTML code. And make sure the correct waffle. Recently though the theme you use SEO friendly, it does not mean you will be able to get ranked number one in the search results. You still have to try.