How to Choose the Right Used Office Cubicles

By | September 9, 2017

Leasing or purchasing a commercial building with an open floor plan is usually cheaper than one that is set up with myriads of individual offices. You want the employees to have a private area to work in, but installing cubicles can be the more cost-effective way to go. Below are a few things to consider before making your cubicle selection.

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What will the cubicle space be used for?

Creating individual spaces for call center personnel will have different requirements than what might be needed in work areas for account management. Used cubicles come in a variety of sizes to accommodate smaller areas and individual work desk solutions that meet the needs for getting the job done. Employees that are making and receiving calls will need far less space than employees that are dealing with high volumes of paperwork. The needs for specific work space will help drive the decision-making for the best cubicle design.

Available Floor Space

Careful measurements will be critical in determining how many cubicle units you can comfortably fit in your available floor space. This will provide a better picture in determining the size of units that will work well. You may discover that a more open design will work better than the more constricted private cubicle layout. You can also use a combination to create a unique look to your office environment. A bright, creative work area can be a motivational boost for your entire company.

Building Floor Plan

The actual floor plan of buildings vary greatly and a few can prove a challenge for adding cubicle office space. Large open rooms that are square and rectangular might be the easiest planning project, but areas that are narrow, divided, or round will be tougher to arrange. This is where the versatility of used cubicle design pays off. You can choose from designs that back against a central wall or can stand alone in the center of the room. You can be innovative and find the right units to create the needed space for all of your employees.

Customized Units

Used and refurbished cubicles can be custom outfitted with the desk space and storage solutions for your employees. Overhead storage, drawers, overhead lighting and electrical outlets can all be provided in the needed amounts and locations. Color coordination for the aesthetic looks of your office can be as critical as deciding on functionality.

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