How it Works Weekly Apple Executive Team

By | May 12, 2015

Inside Apple book written by Adam Lashinsky, the entrepreneur will get a lot of new ideas about how to run a great company. This book is pretty much provides a fresh view of how Apple and team work.

One that should be observed is how the executive team at Apple, as conceived by Steve Jobs.

apple works

Here’s how Apple’s executive team working on a weekly basis and to review their previous work:

  • Every Monday the senior management team met for 2 hours.
  • A total of 4-6 project the highest priority will be reviewed in detail while other projects will be reviewed launch (of new products and updates to existing products)
  • All projects and jobs have Directly Responsible Individual (DRI).
  • There is always one DRI for one item in the product line and never shown more than one person for it.

How many teams in the company of Apple is able to discuss all the details of the project per week for a small number of companies that palig project important? Can be estimated amount is not so much. Review of detailed project per week is completely consistent with the strategic plan of the page that is used mostly entrepreneurs and enables them to monitor the development of existing projects.

This knowledge will be useful if you could implement in your startup team activities.