How Can I Optimize Client/Consumer Connectivity?

By | January 15, 2016

These days, the term “connectivity” has attained prevalence and primacy in the business and marketing sectors. While defined diversely, the word typically references the process of keeping the client and customer in communication for the purpose of optimizing the relationship-building process. Optimizing connectivity is important because the ongoing interaction between client and customer is a key factor in generating brand recognition and conversion. Since this is so, it’s important for savvy business owners to develop and implement strategies that will enhance client/consumer connectivity. Here are three techniques you can use to realize the objective:

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1. Remember To Advertise Offline.

These days, the Internet is big business as more and more people go online to purchase goods and services. However, it’s important for business owners to understand that the whole world isn’t wired yet. In fact, there are many people who use the Internet rarely or not at all. Yet you still need to connect with these individuals to ensure that they are buying your products and remaining loyal to your brand. There are multiple modalities you can adopt to realize this objective, one of which includes advertising offline. Some advertising mechanisms you can try include radio and print ads, signage, and Powerpoint presentations.

2. Blog.

Blogging is another effective strategy you can deploy to optimize client/consumer connectivity. This strategy is effective because it keeps you and the prospective client in constant communication. Moreover, blog posts tend to have a more personal tone than web articles, meaning that you can really optimize the relationship-building process through this mechanism. To get the most out of your blog posts, be sure that some of them are Q & A style. This enables your readers to pose questions and will keep them coming back to your blog to get answers.

3. Optimize Your Website.

Website optimization is another great way to enhance client/consumer connectivity. When your website is aesthetically appealing and highly functional, prospective consumers are much more likely to engage your brand and recommend it to others. One great way to optimize your website is through the use of a top notch shopping cart solution. Online shopping carts are great because they make it simple for your customers to select the items they want, place them in a virtual basket, and easily proceed to checkout. Internet companies like offer these shopping cart solutions.


If you want your business to obtain exceptional conversion rates this year, it’s time to start focusing on connectivity. You can get the process going and growing by remembering to advertise offline, blogging, and optimizing your website!