Glancing How Travel Agents Can Profit

By | February 17, 2013

travelA travel agency is a business that is glamorous. With so many people traveling at this time, making travel agency into a potentially successful business and be great.

But keep in mind, that a travel agency must be built with hard work. The competition is so tight. Because, at this time most of the airlines have to provide a 24-hour reservation service either online or using the phone.

Even so, the service was allegedly made ​​the travel costs become more expensive. So everyone is looking for a cheaper price. This situation is an opportunity for agents to provide tour packages. Agencies providing services offer considerable savings for consumers. It was certainly interesting for people who love to travel.

A travel agent earn money through commissions (which typically average 5-10 per cent) of the airlines, resorts, and hotels are participating in the tour package \ he created. As studies conducted in the United States, if an agent put together, say, 50 people buy the tour package with a value of US $ 45,000 reservations, travel agents will receive a commission of US $ 3,150 if the cost of servicing an average of seven percent