Get rid of prestige, Start Doing business from garage

By | November 17, 2014

On the condition has not been used or even no longer in use, you can use this space for other needs. In fact, the garage could be additional family income. Needless to prestige, consider doing business ideas utilizing this room:

garage business

1. Online shop

Online shop or online store is the kind of business that requires little capital. You do not need to rent a shop or pay the electric bill, because you need enough to organize a computer or laptop in the garage and maximize the lighting in it.

2. Service delivery

Delivery service is one of a growing business as more increasingly prevalent online shop. Not surprisingly, the two go hand in hand because the automatic merchandise must be sent through this service business.

3. Business snacks

For those of you who have the expertise to bake, or just snacks like chips and pastries, there’s no better place to sell other than in your own home garage. Guaranteed access to a neighbor you feel the delicacy of homemade cakes will be easier.

4. Laundry

Without mention, you actually have a lot of laundry business which is now seen scattered in housing complexes. Only with automatic washing machine and implement satisfactory service, customers who come surely flock.

5. Salon motors

In addition it is a place to park the motor, but what’s the harm if the motor of others to feel special treatment in your home garage? Motorcycles with the smaller size of the car lets you freely provide care in the garage.

In addition to the above five business idea, of course there are many other activities you can do in the garage for the sake of making money, started a book rental, small cafes, distribution, up to a beauty salon. Well, why not from now just to maximize your home garage.