Get In Touch With The Most Qualified Candidates With Legal Recruiters

By | March 11, 2015

Law Society of Upper CanadaIf you are looking to recruit the best and the brightest for your high-profile law firm, hiring a legal recruitment agency is essential. Today’s job market is flooded with applicants and recruiters. A recruiter in the legal sector understand the industry and the needs of law offices inside and out. For example, diversity is a priority for every company that’s hiring lawyers. A legal recruitment agency will design and implement a strategic plan to make sure your firm is in compliance with those codes and to make sure your firm is not subject to any liability. A legal recruitment consultant will search out and find LSUC (Law Society of Upper Canada) compliant attorneys that meet and exceed all of your company’s needs.

The hiring process at a law firm is often time consuming and requires meticulous research and tact. A legal recruitment agency serves both applicants seeking employment and companies looking to fill roles. This puts them in a unique position to cover the field in both directions, so to speak. It is in the legal recruiters’ best interest to actively seek out and build alliances with the best candidates and to align themselves with the most reputable companies, often increasing and helping build the reputation of those companies they work with.

While you are busy building the reputation of your law firm, recruitment agencies are busy building a diverse and skilled pool of candidates to strengthen your team. That’s their job, 24/7, as they employ rigorous screening, researching and headhunting techniques. They perform functions that wouldn’t even occur to most companies to try, let alone have the time or budget to pursue. That means you can focus on your front end and the legal recruiters work on the back end.

The best legal recruiters are insightful and listen to their clients’ needs in order to meet and exceed their expectations. Often, recruiters are lawyers themselves, members of the CBA (Canadian Bar Association), who have been working in the field both as applicants, company owners and recruiters for many years. By consulting with companies and developing a deep understanding of a client or a prospective jobseeker, they are able to look at the big picture and develop strategies that will amaze and produce excellent results.

It can be expensive hiring attorneys and even more expensive if you hire the wrong attorney, sometimes costing you a great deal in libels and defamations—or worse, your company’s reputation. A recruiter will make sure that does not happen and the reputation of your firm only improves, attracting the best and the brightest the law field has to offer. Seek out expert legal recruitment services in your city and see the success of your company start to skyrocket!