Fog Cannon of Hennlich, Sophisticated Tools that Effective Dust Suppression

By | December 11, 2014

hennlich engineeringHaving a company that runs the Coal Handling business, Demolition, Construction, Mining & Quarrying or engaged in any field related to dust and should have advanced technology to address the problem of generation of dust that very much. Dust is the small particles that can pollute the environment, which is unhygienic and have a negative effect on the safety of all operations.

Dust can be very distracting workers, not only interfere with a job but also can damage the health of workers. With the discovery of the fog cannon is the solution to the danger of dust haze, fog Because the cannon can help to minimize dust, reduce health risks and improve air quality. The dangers posed if not considering the problem of dust is covering cause lung conditions, rendering the site can not be executed and blinding workers temporality.

Fog cannon (also known as the fan guns, cannons dust suppression, emission control units, fighters dust etc.) This tool is designed specifically for effective dust control.

The best solution to overcome this problem is to use the Fog Cannon from Hennlich, Fog cannon in Design with tube axial fan, set fog jet nozzles, rotary frame which allows the oscillation 0-350 °, water filter unit, pump and control box. Unit of Fog cannon is very flexible because it can be given with or without the trailer wheels. HENNLICH ENGINEERING also offers several units of different sizes, fog cannon with a range of 30 m (type GUN 30) and 50 m (type GUN 50).