Financial Learning From Monopoly Game

By | February 9, 2015

game monopolyWho does not know Monopoly. The game continued to survive until now. Apparently, in addition to play, unconsciously, this game teaches about finances that can be applied in everyday life.

1. Monopoly teaches to make diversification in investment. In this game, if you have a lot of money, you can use it to buy a property, whether it’s home atupun hotel. The lesson is, the investment should not be in one type of investment products. This step in order to avoid losses in total.

2. Learn to manage assets. In a world monopoly, the winner is determined by a lot of money to come by. For that, the player must be good at managing it. Just as in the real world, you have to be good at managing your assets.
It can make you predict when your asset prices will go up and down, so that when you’re going to sell it, you know exactly when it will make a profit.

3. Learn how to set spending so as not owe. In the game of Monopoly, usually players will be encouraged to buy the property as much as possible without seeing the rest of the money in the hope of profit. If the incoming property other players and you have to pay, then automatically you so owe.
In the real world too, you have to be good at allocating money for investment, emergency fund, to fund other.

4. The mental exercise when investing. In playing this game, you must have experienced doubt when looking to invest.
Although it is not real money, you still think twice to invest. In the real world even so, if you can control yourself, but can take into account everything carefully, you can make a profit from your investment it.

5. Luck also has a role in your success. In Monopoly, dice determining step. If it can be a good number, your wish can come true. In the real world was like. Disasters can happen anytime, so prepare yourself with emergency funds and insurance, because luck is nothing that can be mixed in.

6. Monopoly is also taught to take risks. Although the funds run out, because you know will get a lot of money from properties that you have, you finally dare to take risks. In the real world was not much different.
For example, you decide to buy land at a remote location and not very developed. However, you had made in the next few years, it will be crowded location, then there is a risk that dared to take.

7. The award means a lot of money. In Monopoly, if you have a lot of money, you have the opportunity to purchase various properties and come out as a winner. In the real world, if you have a lot of money, you could invest in a lot of things.
However, cash and asset values should be the same. Do not let the fact too much for an investment so you do not have the money.