Expert Witnesses Improve Success Rates at Trial

By | July 24, 2015

financial bankAny person who has spent time around a court room knows that there are many things that can impact whether a case is successful or unsuccessful. While it may seem intuitive that the person in the right will win a case, this is not always true. Even if you have the right side of the case, you need to be careful with how you present evidence. Quite often, the group that wins a lawsuit is the group that focuses its intensity on expert testimony. A good banking expert witness can serve a tremendous purpose for the jury.

These expert witnesses can establish credibility for your case. While banking is not a highly technical subject like medicine or science, it is a subject that the jury might not know too much about. With this in mind, you could ask them to just trust you or your lawyer. The better option, though, is to provide them with an expert who can walk them through some of the issues surrounding the case. A good expert testimony can make the jury trust you while also helping them understand the complex issues at play.

Expert witnesses can help good lawyers build the basics of their case. In trials, lawyers understand that they need to establish a good theory of the case. The jury is looking for a narrative that they can embrace. They want to have a good story that is believable and follows whatever legal theory your lawyer is trying to put forward. Good expert witnesses help to further this narrative in a way that is compelling. It allows the lawyer to just be a facilitator rather than trying to do so much convincing of a jury. These things are critical over the long run to the success of your case.

At the end of the day, there are a few ways that you can invest smartly in your case. Hiring a good expert witness is one of those ways. While it might cost a little bit on the front end, you will be glad that you did it when the case is all wrapped up.