Employers Should Understand Character Products If you want to win Compete

By | December 4, 2014

Small-BusinessMicro, small, and medium enterprises (SMEs) need to understand the characteristics (special features) products to be able to perform optimally sales.

Prior to marketing, SMEs must first recognize that their product production as long as there are still many who do not understand the characteristics.

The challenge by former Sales Manager Unilever Indonesia is certainly not easy because every entrepreneur has the same goal, namely to sell their products so they can make a profit.

As long as this is often the case, he said, is that many businesses tend to prioritize care for profit and less understanding of the products that are less able to compete with other businesses.

The buyer would have to choose products with reasonable price so if the products we sell are too expensive, they are reluctant to buy it.

Furthermore, by controlling the benefits of the products sold, said True, a seller can make a superior offer.

Because today’s buyers are always faced with many choices and of course the buyer will choose the best to meet their needs.

He admitted to be able to obtain optimal sales results can only be done by a powerful businessman, not relentless, and creative so they can grow their businesses.

According to him, not only to understand the product being sold, but the businesses also have to understand the target buyer of the product, how to find or reach the target buyers, and to understand the ways in which the product can attract buyers.

By understanding the product sold, the businesses can provide information superiority of the product.

Equally important, he added, the SMEs should be able to provide the products that they sell in strategic places so that people easily reach them.

If the product is difficult to obtain, according to him, will let consumers so they turn to the same product with other production.