Elements of a Business Strategists

By | January 10, 2016

business strategyThe elements making up a workable business strategy is countless. But if it can be summarized, there are some elements of the most commonly encountered in a variety of successful business strategies. Many proven strategies that include the following elements in it.

Price and quality

Price and quality are the most common strategy elements encountered. This strategy can be used to produce products or services of excellent quality and appropriate price or low cost to produce goods and sell them at a cheap price too.

Coverage lineup

A range of products or services that vary enable customers to meet their needs in one place. It also can stimulate the economy which in turn will benefit the consumer. Instead, a product line that bit allows you to explore the potential of the product with a deeper, possibly including many alternatives for the same type of product. Variety of products can also be paired with a bit of careful craftsmanship.

Advanced product

We can implement the strategies of the most advanced product offerings as a business strategy. Usually the products with the latest technology has a price that is more expensive than products that have been outdated.

Trendy products

Stylish products that can be sold at a premium price but also requires a higher design costs and are more at risk because of having to buy the more expensive price.

Products customized

One of the least risky strategy for a small business is to offer a number of customize usually can not be provided by the manufacturer / large corporates. In this way, small businesses can differentiate their offerings from the bid that is standard on the larger companies.

Niche markets

Offering a unique product or service that meets the needs of consumers in a market niche that is overlooked is another strategy that can be done at low risk small businesses. Usually smaller volume products require greater operating costs but lower competition can be compensated from such charges.


Another tactic that can be applied is to include a quality service when selling a product. This method is believed to be able to differentiate your business from competitors who only offer little or no offer additional services at all.