Crucial Role Assistant for Entrepreneurs

By | May 15, 2014

peopel-in-a-business-meetingEntrepreneurs should keep their minds table and as free as possible from routine problems. A good personal assistant is needed.

Ken Davenport is a Broadway producer. When he was first starting his production company, he worked out of his apartment, but then managed to develop it. It’s starting to make him unable to do his best skill: dreaming of new projects and promote the company.

“One of the biggest challenges that must be faced by the entrepreneur and the founder of the company is to find a way to continue to keep the creativity that started their company, as was done in the daily routine in running the company, the more weight to keep the creativity. good assistant can save your time every day . Every minute saved can be used for new projects and maybe, a little bit of time to relax. Conversely, a poor assistant could spend your time. Do not skimp on choosing an assistant. Get someone experienced.

Vanessa Cameron is the chief executive of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in London. His role required him to do a lot of traveling nationally and internationally, and he relied on assistants to coordinate personal notes and itinerary. Not only that, he also relied on as a trusted personal assistant, might be the only person in the company who will give an honest opinion and understand it well within moments eg Cameron is under pressure or using the wrong tone in communicating.

“My personal assistant is my right hand. He is someone that I trust. I can fully rely on loyalty but more importantly he knows that he always tells the truth about me, not tell me what he thought I wanted to hear. He also will tell me when he thinks I’m doing something wrong. It will change my mail if I use the wrong tone, such as too aggressive, too apologize, or if the reality is different … He knows when I am under pressure and react to it. “

The role of an entrepreneur as a leader is to direct and guide the company, not the set. One of the main skills that owned a successful leader is the ability to choose the things that become the center of attention, rather than controlled by a personal note. Good personal assistant can be given the responsibility of making important decisions about what is important and not important to the focus of attention and time of the leader. They can also take care of many details that take time and can help leaders in the delegation of tasks to other team members. Good assistant can provide comments about the behavior of a leader with the objective. It is impossible to have a relationship like this with other team members.