Creating an Effective Business Plan

By | August 8, 2013

business plan4In making a business plan, a person or a team usually performs brainstorming. In this activity, issued to all ideas are then collected and selected the most likely to be implemented. In this brainstorming power needed exploration of free, unrestricted consideration of cost or ability. But sometimes it has sparked debate, because the contents of a person’s brain is different from the others. So that our understanding may not necessarily be understood by others. For that, we need a language that is easily understood by the delivery of a lot of people.

In starting a business, as we know, there should be careful planning. Before starting to prepare a business plan, we need to know the information related. This is important, because in running the business, we have to have a guide. Moreover, if in the future we will be dealing with a lot of other parties, such as investors or the bank. All the things we did and presented in front of investors should refer to the guidelines. The business plan is the key success of our communication with investors. As a communication tool, the business plan to determine whether our efforts are worthy or not worthy of support.

In the business plan, it may be idealistic. However, do not forget that the most important thing we need to show where the strength of our business, that the business in which we live has a promising future. Use language that reached the ears of investors. The language is a language that can be referred to ‘seduce’ investors or banks. We need to realize that business is not just simply a matter of cost-benefit. Investors want to know that our business prospects, the risk trade-offs that can be measured and predicted.

However, a business plan is not only made ​​plans to aimed at investors. The business plan is important to guide ourselves in doing all business plans and implementation, so that each implementation can be focused, on track, accountable, measured, and evaluated again. Especially for the kind of creative effort relatively new idea. Such efforts have the concept of risk shifting. In the process, there will be a lot of interference of various parties who want this and that. The interests of many parties may be disturbing key concepts. This is where the business plan useful, ie, as a tool to maintain movement corridors effort. It is a challenge for young entrepreneurs, which is to explain to all parties so that they have the same perspective as we have.

A business plan should be mature, focused, yet simple and easy to understand others. To make it, here are some tips that you need to apply:

  • The business plan should be easy to understand, has one purpose, and reached quickly.
  • Use a few sentences, not only short but also efficient.
  • Have a clear purpose, just convey facts and ideas that are relevant.
  • Attractive, easy to understand, and use images and graphs.
  • Use simple words and arranged with an interactive model of conversation or communication.
  • Bringing the feel optimistic and positive.
  • Directing the reader’s decision, asserted in good faith, and demonstrate knowledge and skills.
  • Avoid making statements that are not supported by the facts.
  • It is based on objective and real data and accurate source of quality information