Condotel Investments, Is Profitable?

By | September 19, 2014

porperty invesmentHave you heard the word condotel? Condotel is a condominium hotel stands. Condotel is one of the attractive investment because it can provide a sizeable return. How to invest Condotel in order to produce the expected profit?


As abbreviation, Condotel or condo hotel is a building consisting of units like apartments. Each unit has a kitchen, living room or a room depending on the type of existing. In some Condotel, there are also studios. Each Condotel can offer different types. In condotel typically provided facilities such as swimming pool, spa, restaurant, meeting rooms and other facilities such as those provided five-star hotel, all intended for the convenience of visitors.

Each unit is then sold to investors. Furthermore, the units are managed by a hotel operator who will market and rent out daily to guests who will be staying at this Condotel. Condotel will function like a five-star hotel. Simply put, Condotel can be interpreted as a condo or apartment that is processed and rented like a hotel.

Condotel advantage

Buying a Condotel (condo hotels) or apatel (apartment hotel) is one way to invest in property. Return on investment through Condotel didaoat include:

Obtaining Operational Results

Use of Condotel which is operated as the hotel will generate operational revenue. This income is then distributed to the investors. The amount of revenue in the range of 8% -12% per annum of the purchase price. In comparison, this figure is greater than the deposit rate. This is different from a regular apartment in which you will not get revenue if no one renting your unit addition, the hotel management is usually done by those who are used to working in the world of hospitality that they have experienced to manage the hotel.

Some Condotel give payoff at the time of handover. The amount of returns are in the range of 8% -10% for 2-3 years which is paid directly at the time of handover of the unit. In other words, investors get cash back from their purchases.

Stay Free

As an investor, you can get to stay at this Condotel without paying so you can feel and comfort of the hotel facilities are also provided Condotel. The length of stay for free range 18-30 days per year for each unit Condotel.

Increasing the unit price

One of the highlights of the investment property is the price that will continue to increase with the increase in the rate of inflation. So also with the purchase Condotel, unit price that you buy can continue to increase, so will produce a distinct advantage. Increased rates can reach 20% per year. In addition, your ownership of the Condotel can be used as collateral to the bank if you need to borrow money in the bank.

What Should Certainly Before Buying a Condotel?

After seeing the benefits of investing condotel, might keep you interested as well to mebeli condotel units. But, so your investment profitable, note the following points before deciding to purchase Condotel:


In property investment, property location where the establishment is something very important. If a strategic location, has good facilities pendukkung, it will make property prices to rise faster. Then, review the first condotel. Because Condotel will function like a hotel, it would be better if the location is adjacent to the site Condotel business or tourist attractions, where many people who need a hotel for a layover.


The concept of the building and the built environment by Condotel can also affect people’s interest to stay as are the facilities provided in the Condotel. If the purpose intended Condotel business people who made the concept might be different if the target market is families. Ask in advance the concepts and facilities to be built.


Developer or developers who build condotel developers should have trusted completed building to completion on time and as promised. Do not let the managers completed the task with slow or even not finish the building so that the building dorman and you suffer a loss. This needs to be required if you want to buy Condotel which is still under construction or not yet built.


In order to provide comfort and satisfaction of the hotel visitors, it is necessary to note who is the manager of the hotel. It would be better if the hotel manager is a manager who has been accustomed to running the hotel business. Thus, they are more experienced in conducting hotel management, care of the hotel is also providing services to the guests. the result, guests will be delighted and will be back to stay at the hotel.

Condotel ownership can be done through a bank loan through the NAC (Apartment Loan). If you intend to make an investment through Condotel, try to do the calculations first and find out more on Condotel you choose. Find out more about the income that you will get. Are there any other costs you have to pay and the contents of the agreement so as not to harm you.

Buying condotel could be one of the current property investment options. You can have a private hotel at the same condominium through Condotel investment.