Cleaning As A Career

By | November 5, 2016

If you enjoy cleaning, then consider starting your own cleaning business. There are Minneapolis cleaning services as well as those in other cities that have started from the ground up, developing into a successful company that will clean everything from homes to large corporations.


Keep learning about the cleaning industry and new methods of cleaning that will result in a successful job. There are also new products on the market that can be used that are safe for the environment that are being used. Do a little research when it comes to what the customer wants to use in the home. Find out about the scents that the customer wants as well as things that might be bothersome to family members and pets. Try to use neutral scents and products that won’t damage the furniture or floors.

No matter where you’re working, clean the location like it’s your own. You wouldn’t want your own house being dusty or to have stains on the floor or hand prints on the windows, so don’t let this happen with the homes of the customers that you have. Create a system of cleaning. Make a list of the things that you need to do first before moving on to the smaller details, such as making sure the trash bag is in place or the blinds are closed. Ask the customer what needs to be done in the home, such as laundry or waxing the floor. If there’s something that the customer doesn’t want you to do, then you need to know about this before spending time cleaning that part of the home.

Be very careful when cleaning as you will likely have to replace something that is broken. Most people understand that accidents can happen to anyone, but if you’re careless while cleaning, then it will show in the job that is done. You might miss something that needs to be cleaned, or you might simply glance over something with only a dusting that should receive a full-blown cleaning, such as the windows or an area of the floor that is usually not seen by family members but still needs to be cleaned.